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tv   First Look  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 2:00am-2:31am PDT

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tap dancing construction workers wearing orange jumpsuits that were not intended to invoke guantanamo. obviously the tunnel is freaking amazing. but if you think that giant baby head with the diaper isn't going to haunt your dreams forever, then you are made of stronger stuff than i am. yes, have the swiss dig your tunnel. but notice this is how you will celebrate the opening day. maybe think twice. "first look" is up next. it's thursday, june 2nd. did the donald make mexico great
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again? can hillary clinton gain any traction by going after the candidate after the trump university controversies? newly released 911 calls from the mother of the boy who fell in the gorilla enclosure. and frightening news that at least four automakers are selling new cars with faulty air bags. the most expensive nba final in history. and a whole lot more. "first look" starts right now. good morning. the donald or the businesses have been involved in at least 3,500 lawsuits or legal actions. that is unpress departmented -- unprecedented for a nominee.
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katy tur has more on the controversy surrounding trump university. >> reporter: donald trump selling the american dream on the campaign trail. >>ly give you everything. >> reporter: but his for profit university is now accused of crushing that dream. scamming hopeful students with aggressive sales tactics and false promises. >> it's going to happen to you. >> reporter: trump secrets to selling unsealed by a federal judge. hundreds of documents including testimony from one former sales manager. saying trump university was a fraudulent scheme, that preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. another sales executive saying it was just selling false hopes and lies. the candidate facing trial in november is now calling out the ethnicity of the cases indiana -- of the indiana born judge. >> the judge who we believe is mexican. what judge curiel is doing is a total disgrace. >> reporter: trump's lawyers
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deny fraud and point msnbc to this campaign video. >> i must tell you that the courses that i took were outstanding. >> reporter: the university seminars at first free were aggressively upsold from $1,500 to $35,000. students allegedly encouraged to max out their credit cards. >> i was highly deceived. >> reporter: plaintiff george hannah said he dreamed his retirement to pay for trump university. >> i get this sick feeling in my stomach to not only see that, you know, from my own personal experience but i see him playing the same exact cards with this whole country. >> if it looks look like the businesses are not well run it can cut a real hole into his case he's the best person to run this country and make it great again. >> reporter: katy tur, nbc news, sacramento. i'm kristen welker in new jersey where hillary clinton wasted no time going after donald trump on trump university. >> this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud.
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>> reporter: the clinton team hoping they finally found a message that sticks. painting the billionaire businessman as a con artist. >> he is trying to scam america the way he scammed ail those people -- all those people at trump "u." >> reporter: it's not the first time they have tried this. >> a liar. >> a conartist. >> will it work for hillary clinton? >> hillary clinton is driving a message that none of his opponents were able to do. >> reporter: but they were complicated by the ongoing primary battle. our new nbc news/"wall street journal"/marist showing bernie sanders is just two points down in california. sanders still drawing huge crowds crisscrossing the state. >> i saw hillary clinton racing to california. bill clinton racing to california. maybe they think this campaign is not quite over.
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>> reporter: meanwhile, president obama weighed in on the presidential race wednesday. in elkhart, indiana, the first city he visited as president, he participated in the town hall with pbs news hour. he gave his thoughts on the democratic race. >> i think that there's been a healthy debate in the democratic party. and it's almost over. you know, we've got -- on tuesday, you'll have some big states, california and new jersey where the votes will take place. i think we'll probably have a pretty good sense next week of who the nominee will be. >> reporter: he also talked about the trump phenomenon. >> a lot of times it's easy for people to say, you know what, if we deport all of the immigrants and build a wall or if we cut off trade with china or if we do
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"x" or "y" or "z" suddenly everything will feel secure. >> why don't you mention donald trump by name? >> you know, he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name, so i think -- you know, i'll let him do his advertising for him. now to newly released audio that captures the frantic moment a terrified mother called 911 to report her toddler had fallen into the enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. the child was rescued unharmed after the gorilla was shot. it was a controversial call, still being debated nationwide. here's nbc's joe fryer. >> reporter: 911 calls capture the mother's frantic moments after her 3-year-old son fell into the enclosure at the cincinnati zoo. >> my son fell into the zoo. with the gorilla. my son fell with in with the gorilla. that's a male gorilla standing over him. >> reporter: at times the 400 pound gorilla could be seen
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pulling the boy across the moat. >> he's dragging my son! i can't watch this. >> reporter: eventually zoo officials decided to shoot and kill the gorilla. the boy's family released a new statement saying the child had a checkup with his doctor and is still doing well. we continue to be thankful to the cincinnati zoo taken to protect our child. he went over the three foot barrier and fell 15 feet into the moat. >> slammed the baby into the wall. he was in the water. >> reporter: cincinnati police will review the actions of the boy's family leading up to the incident. the family has reportedly received death threats and online nearly half a million people have signed a petition calling for the boy's mother to be charged. the association of zoos and aquariums which accredit zoos will look into the incident.
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they asked for specific protocols for enclosures. >> they have not only to protect the imaanimals but protects the people on the outside. >> reporter: the family is encouraging donations to the zoo in the gorilla's name. joe fryer, nbc news, cincinnati. two people are dead following the apparent murder/suicide at ucla. the campus of over 34,000 students was put on lockdown as hundreds of special agents swarmed that campus. according to multiple law enforcement sources the victim was ucla mechanical and engineering professor william klug. nbcews has learned the suspect was an engineering gradue student who apparently had a strained relationship with klug. at least three shots were fired. a gun was recovered along with a note found near the bodies, although its contents are currently unknown. a source tells nbc news the shooter may have been upset over grades and an official motive has yesterday to be determined. these were taken from the closed circuit tv, they show tactical
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officers going door to door in the building. gavin newsome tweeted that klug was a husband and father of two and a brilliant professor. classes are set to resume today, although the engineering school will remain closed. a stunning new development this morning involving the biggest recall in u.s. history. there is word that at least four automakers are still selling new cars with potentially explosive and defective takata air bags. that's because there aren't enough other alternatives. the air bags will likely be recalled in two to three years. among the new models being sold with suspect air bags the 2016 and '17 mitsubishi, volkswagen cc and the 2016 audi tt and audi 4-a. others are selling with the defective air bags.
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fiat chrysler tells nbc news they meet or exceed all safety requirements. let's get down to business with cnbc's landon dowdy. good morning. >> hi there. good morning to you. well, elon musk thinks that apple will definitely get into the car business. speaking at the annual code tech conference, he believes that apple will eventually be a direct competitor with an electric car that could go into production by 2020. musk said that apple will make a good car and will be successful. apple hasn't confirmed it is working on a car though. everyone is getting in on oktion. >> we'll be driving around in apples. >> meanwhile, samsung is launching a promotion for father's day. you can get your hands on a free gear virtual reality headset. this is the hottest new thing. you must buy it from the past year such as the galaxy s-6.
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it includes a bundle of games and you must buy -- >> i have tried those, they're really cool. >> they look like you're in a whole new world. meanwhile, it's the nba finals. they begin tonight. if you plan on watching the game in person, prepare to fork over a lot of cash, betty. >> how much? >> the average ticket price, $1,625. >> no way. that's crazy. >> that's up 10% in last year. that would make it the most expensive finals ever. >> pay some serious cash. >> i don't have a ticket. >> me neither, clearly. the most expensive finals yet, the tickets are through the roof. hey there, hi.
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look at this jeep from yesterday. that guy was rescued by the fire department. so some incredible pictures that are continuing as our flash flood threat continues in texas. even at this hour some dangerous conditions have developed. right around san antonio. this cluster of thunderstorms has kind of merged. two separate pieces and now it's merged over the top of san antonio. already reports of two inches of rain has fallen. saturated soil. water is quickly rushing into all of the little streams that go through the city. they are saying over the next couple of hours very dangerous conditions and life threatening weather possible. so if you're out driving around in san antonio, flash flood warning all around the city, and almost halfway down to laredo too with water. as far as the flash flood threat, oklahoma city all the way to south texas, 22 million people are at risk. because the ground is so saturated it doesn't take much. maybe a quick inch of rain and you'd have rain in places that wouldn't normally have it.
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12 million people under excessive heat warning. this is midsummer time heat. 107 in vegas right now and it's spreading into areas of california. great weather to be had, betty. the northeast from new york to philly to d.c., today is a very gorgeous, low humidity, sunny day. >> picture perfect, thank you. for the first time in four years humanitarian aid reached a besieged suburb in serbia and a convoy carrying medicine and baby formula into the town of 8,000 during a temporary cease-fire. 6-year-old robby richardson seems to be destined for law enforcement. he called 911 on his dad for allegedly running a red light. >> dad, you went past the red light. in a black truck. he was in -- he was in a brand-new car, my mommy's car. had to go through the car wash and get past the red light. >> he did? >> mm-hmm. >> talk about tattling on dad.
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well, the police dispatcher eventually spoke to his dad. >> you ran a red light? >> oh, no. [ laughter ] i apologize. >> no problem. >> well, now robby's dad knows his son won't hesitate to call 911 if he ever breaks the law. now to sport, game 2 of the stanley cup final, san antonio battling in pittsburgh. the sharks down 1-0, five minutes to go. tie it up on this justin vaughn goal, to overtime they go. off the face-off in penguins territory. >> one to the back, letang has it. he gave it over to sheary. he scores! >> pittsburgh goes up 2-0 in the series which now heads to san jose. and now to some baseball games with innings so similar it's spooky. all right. first up, over in atlanta, freddie freeman with a walk-off
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home run in the 11th. only their sixth win at home this season. now houston also in the 11th, george springer homers to deep left center field as the astros get the victory. in cleveland, you guessed it. bottom of the 11th, one man on. one up the middle and driving in the winning run. so for those of you keeping track, all three games ended on walk-offs in the 11th inning. all of the home teams won and all of the games ended 5-4. creepy, right? and here's a feel good moment to start your day. broadcaster fred sager threw out the first pitch of the cubs game. he was on hand for a cancer day. he's a life long cubs fan and he's battling leukemia for the third time. sager also sang "take me out to the ball game." take it away. ♪ take me out to the ball game take me out to the crowd ♪ ♪ buy me some peanuts and
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here's quick look at this morning's dish of "scrambled politics." senator bernie sanders can count the president as a fan. well, kenneth starr has resigned as the chancellor at
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pay lohr university. it comes after allegations of sexual assault by football players. starr is best known for his investigation into bill clinton's affair into the 1990s. he's set to remain as a professor at baylor law school. top pentagon official charged with stealing license plates. bryan whitman has entered an agreement with prosecutors okeep him out of jail. he is charged with stealing license plates from his neighbor's nanny. according to whitman the nanny misused her parking rights. the charges will be dismissed if whitman pays for damage, completes community service and doesn't break the law again. after staying overnight at the doubletree, president obama will deliver the commencement address at the air force academy in colorado. that is your morning dish of "scrambled politics." 22 after the hour. let's bring in jonathan allen, head of the community and content for side wire and a columnist for roll tree. the president stays at a doubletree. not bad. >> you think if you're president
2:23 am
you'd stay at the holiday inn express. >> let's talk about donald trump. he's based his platform on his business skills. so could this investigation into trump university really derail his campaign? >> i think the bigger issue for him right now, trump university, i think it will be an issue for him. is that this is a situation where he's being accused of essentially scamming people as hillary clinton is saying and he's somebody who presents himself as a champion of the little guy. here he appears to have at least according to some allegations taken advantage of people. being unscrupulous. i think that hurts his main narrative. >> in a bit of an ironic twist, the pga's decision to moving to mexico. is this a sign they don't want to be associated with trump? >> i think there is a toxicity to his brand. you think of companies not wanting to be associated with states that are passing anti-gay laws i think everyone is
2:24 am
conscious about their corporate brand and so i think donald trump is having some difficulty in some corners and in some corporate corners with his brand. >> quickly, we heard the president predict that the democratic nominee will be clear by next week. do you agree? >> absolutely. i think the president other than bernie sanders is the -- is one of the last people to they. >> all right. jonathan allen, thanks for joining us. we appreciate it as always. a new poll on same-sex relations and a big surprise in a yard sale freezer. you have to listen to what's coming up on that story. you're watching "first look."
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leading the news on nbc, poll finds more americans are okay with same-sex experiences. nearly 50% of americans had no issue with same-sex relations. that is a huge jump since 1990 when only 13% were okay. since then bisexual behavior has also doubled? new developments in the san bernardino case. the man who purchased the rifle was connected with a group of california jihadists. the group was arrested in 2012 when they attempted to join al qaeda in afghanistan. and listen to this, a woman who purchased a freezer for $30 in north carolina was shocked when she found a dead body inside. the woman said she didn't open the freezer immediately because her neighbor said the items inside were for a church project. she looked inside and called 911. foul play is not suspected.
2:29 am
goodness. all right. from that we'll make a sharp turn to this. we all know babies can make their big debut in the world at the most awkward moments. like this time at a lowe's parking lot in alaska. >> a lot of people there to help. >> that's true. a lot of tools in case you need help. that's where dozens witnessed a moose give birth. though officials have reminded people do not get between a moose and a baby during calving season but the crowd still watched from afar. i'm betty nguyen. "way too early" starts right now. why don't you mention donald trump by name? >> you know, he seems to do a good job mentioning his own name, so i think -- i'll let him do his advertising for him. >> i wonder when we can expect you to get involved with the democratic race. are we going to see an endorsement soon? bernie sanders perhaps? >> well, i think that there's been a healthy debate in the democratic party.
2:30 am
and it's almost over. i think both bernie sanders and hillary clinton are good people. >> i notice you don't mind using their names. >> well, you know, as said they're not as good as marketing. >> president obama on the road and on the record yesterday sounding off on donald trump and sharing his thoughts on when the democratic race will end. meanwhile, donald trump is defending himself against accusations of fraud over trump university. the latest on that and is he the mostly tigs you nominee ever? and hillary clinton, will she strike the right balance, winning over the republicans without alienating democrats? it's 5:30 here on the east coast, 2:30 on the west. this is "way too early."


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